About Our Company

Our mission at Choices International LLC ™ (CHI) is to provide compassionate clinical services designed to address mental/emotional and behavioral health needs. We believe that overall wellness comes from being aligned with our mental, physical and spiritual core; at which time we are open to inspiration and motivated to change by making healthy choices.

Our vision: To support healthy mental and behavioral changes that positively impact families and individuals by Creating. Healthy Options. that Inspire Change, & Empowerment. for. Self-®; one person and one experience at a time.
Benefit to you: We provide comprehensive therapeutic services for individuals who may benefit from having a safe space to process and heal.



“Thanks to all the staff for helping and pushing me to be a healthier stronger, better person.”
Theo Thomas
“I was facing one of the most difficult times of my life and she taught me to look in the mirror and feel good about the person I see.”
Angela Redasan
“I’ve been combining the knowledge and information that I received and reflective activities guiding me in my health improvement journey. I am feeling better physically, and more mentally/emotionally grounded.”
Sharon Wright